In 2012 we managed to:
  • dig and install a deep water well (60m deep, pumping 3.000 l per hour)
  • build a big shed for hay and straw and a smaller storage for chopped wood
  • remove the manure pit from the pastures
  • enlarge the jumping arena (extend it until the forest border) and expand the set of jumping obstacles (by adding cavaletti set)
  • isolate remaining stalls and prepare them for winter
Moreover, annual hay-making and collecting the straw from fileds took place as usual.

Investments summer/autumn 2010:
  1. Desiccating the yard and pastures:
    • draining the exit to the so-called "natural pastures"
    • finishing drainage between the stalls
    • paving the road leading to the indoor arena

  2. Building fences:
    • finishing solid fencing of the "pastures by the forest"
    • finishing fencing the yard
    • separating the horse yard from the one accessible for dogs
    • repairing the gates
    • separating the pasture for autumn/winter time

  3. Paving the road:
    • filling in the biggest holes with stones, rubble and bricks
    • gettin the small grit and road-making machines from teh mayor, just like he promised

  4. Creating dressage arena:
    • separating dimensional dressage arena from the current big ridding arena
    • building the fence and stabilizing the fence poles
    • making the wooden plates with dressage letters and hanging it up
    • covering the arena with sand and slight levelling

  5. Providing the hay:
    • building the shed's walls and isolating the floor
    • harvesting, drying and transporting the hay to the shed